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If you like to hike, love nature, want to stay fit, want life long friendships, like to travel, love adventure, love history and want to be part of a club celebrating over 65 years of passion and the opportunity to hike more than 2,000 times a year with over 500 of your closest friends ....then the Indianapolis Hiking Club is for you!

Come take a closer look at what might be the best first day of the rest of your life. Learn more about us or check out our newly published 65th Anniversary Club History book. Better yet, review our hike schedule and join us on any hike as a guest. Everyone 18 years or older is welcome, no invitation is necessary and there is no fee, but please no pets unless the hike is a pet hike. We hope to see you soon!

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Rocky Mountain NP - September 2012

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Recent Club News
If you wish something to be posted please advise the webmaster.

Waverly Pet Hike Cancelled on May 24
Mary Williams has cancelled her Pet hike scheduled for 10a.m.on May 24.

Saturday Broad Ripple Hikes Are Moving to Broad Ripple Park
From this point forward (until cancelled or revised) the Saturday morning Broad Ripple hikes, both Early Bird and Ten at Ten, are being moved to Broad Ripple Park behind the dog park. This is being done because the former parking lot on Carrollton is no longer free.

June and July Hike Schedule Available
The June and July hike schedule is available on the Hike Schedule page of this website. The calendar and mileage entry functions for these months will be available soon.