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The following forms are designed to print on a single page. If you encounter a problem please contact the webmaster. All forms are PDF files and you will need Adobe Reader on your computer to view them. See instructions below for how to obtain a free copy of Adobe.

  • Membership Application - join the Club - revised 9/2022

  • Hike Attendance Record - hike sign-up sheet

  • Pet Hike Attendance Record - Pet (dog) hike sign-up sheet - revised 11/2018

  • 2022 Annual Dues Notice due before January 1, 2023

  • Winter Banquet Reservation Form please respond before November 18,2022

  • Record your Trail Maintenance Volunteer Hours

  • Trail Maintenance Opportunities - organizations performing trail maintenance

  • Incident Report - report accident or injury

    The following two forms relate to Trail Maintenance in Eagle Creek Park, an organization our club has had a special relationship with since the park first opened in 1972. Our club schedules hikes in Eagle Creek park almost daily. If you want to give something back to the park either as an indiviual or as a group on a hike, please use the following two forms to guide your efforts. The first form is an Eagle Creek form and needs to be returned to Eagle Creek, it is intended to report locations and issues that require further follow up by Eagle Creek staff and to record you volunteer hours (our club recieves credit for all of the hours you invest in Eagle Creek park). The second form includes instructions and suggestions to guide your trail maintenance activites in Eagle Creek Park.

    Note, to receive credit for the annual IHC Trail Maintenance Achievement Award, you will still need to report your annual volunteer hours each October (not just those at Eagle Creek Park) using the form listed above to Record your Trail Maintenance Volunteer Hours.

  • Eagle Creek Trail Mainentance Form - report your volunteer activities and hours

  • Eagle Creek Trl Maint Instructions

To read PDF files, you will need a copy of Adobe Reader.
You can get for free at: Get Adobe Reader .