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To see a list of scheduled hikes and other events and recent Club news, select the desired month below. Also, check out future events for a preview of activities and trips planned in future months.

April and May 2023 February and March 2023 Old Schedules

The June and July 2023 hike schedule should be available around May 20.

Hike schedules are PDF files and you will need Adobe Reader on your computer to view them. See below for instructions on how to download.

Guests are welcome on all hikes as are children under 18 years old as long as an adult is willing to take responsibility for them. You do not have to be invited to join us and there is no fee. Simply show up for any hike at least 10 minutes before the scheduled start time. We start on time. Please do not bring pets unless the hike is designated as a "pet hike".

If you are joining us for the first time, we recommend you review hiker guidelines. Make sure to check the Hike Rating Legend at the end of every hike description, in the following format (M,NS,2.5-3), which indicates the terrain, hiking surface and average speed you can expect on the hike. See Hike Rating System on the first page of the hike schedule for how to decode the legend. Most hikes are a modest distance and pace, however, some of the longer, hilly and faster hikes can be quite demanding and may not be appropriate for novice or ill-prepared hikers. If the hike is flagged as Challenging at the beginning of the hike rating legend, we urge you to contact the hike leader in advance (phone number is always listed in the hike description) and confirm that the hike you are interested in is appropriate for you.

If you are considering leading a hike, and all members are encouraged to lead, please read hike leader guidelines which will give you all of the information you need to successfully plan, schedule and lead a hike.

To view PDF files you will need to download a copy of Adobe Reader, which is free. Click on the following link.
Get Adobe Reader If you have a problem viewing the schedule try reloading Adobe Reader to get the most current version. If you still have a problem contact the webmaster.