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If you like to hike, love nature, want to stay fit, want life long friendships, like to travel, love adventure, love history and want to be part of a club celebrating over 60 years of passion and the opportunity to hike more than 2,000 times a year with 600 of your closest friends ....then the Indianapolis Hiking Club is for you!

Come take a closer look at what might be the best first day of the rest of your life. Learn more about us. Better yet, review our hike schedule and join us on any hike as a guest. Everyone 18 years or older is welcome, no invitation is necessary and there is no fee, but please no pets. We hope to see you soon!

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April and May schedule now online
The 2019 April and May schedule is now available on the hike schedule page. The calendar function for April and May is also working.

New Enhancement to the Mileage Entry Screen
All hike leaders are encouraged to enter mileage for their hikes. Simply access the Mileage page. At the top you will see a link for Enter Mileage. Select it and a calendar will display. Click on the day that matches your hike sheet and a list of hikes on that day will be displayed. Select your hike and enter the names and mileage of each hiker. As of September 20 you are now able to designate the hike leader if it differs from the name published in the schedule. You can also cancel a hike (un-cancel it too if that becomes necessary). And you can leave a comment for the Mileage Officer, if you encounter a problem when entering names (e.g., name not in database).

Poem Honoring Glee Crowder
David Kincaid wrote a poem to honor Glee Crowder breaking the Club's all time mileage record of 42,590 miles in May. Glee was honored before last Thursday's Easy at Eagle Creek hike (see photos of the event). Go to the Archives and Articles page to read David's great poem.

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