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If you like to hike, love nature, want to stay fit, want life long friendships, like to travel, love adventure, love history and want to be part of a club celebrating over 60 years of passion and the opportunity to hike more than 2,000 times a year with 600 of your closest friends ....then the Indianapolis Hiking Club is for you!

Come take a closer look at what might be the best first day of the rest of your life. Learn more about us. Better yet, review our hike schedule and join us on any hike as a guest. Everyone 18 years or older is welcome, no invitation is necessary and there is no fee, but please no pets. We hope to see you soon!

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Recent Club News
If you wish something to be posted please advise the webmaster.

Wednesday night hike cancelled on September 20 and 27
John Lyghtel has cancelled the Downtown Indy night hike he leads on Wednesday, September 20 and 27 since he will be traveling.

Bicentennial SP Hikes and 2016 Achievement Award Winners
Members who hiked all of Indiana's SP's and those who hiked 20 or more parks were recognized at this year's Christmas Party. Winners of the 2016 Achievement Awards were also recognized at the party. A list of all the winners along with their photos and photos of what they won is posted on the Achievement Awards page. Also check out the Photo Gallery for photos from this year's wonderful Christmas party.

Radio Interviews
Several of our hikers were interviewed by PBS Radio on a recent Thursday morning hike in Eagle Creek Park. You should find the broadcast interesting and entertaining and you will feel proud of our club when you listen to it. To hear the broadcast go to the following website http://indianapublicradio.org/indianaweekend

Complete State Park Survey
Considering the frequency with which our members visit Indiana state parks (we visited all 25 during last year's Bicentennial)we urge you to complete the Indiana State Park's Second Century Survey, who knows you may win a prize.

Revised Hike Attendance Record (Sign-up Sheet)
Karen Zimmerman our Mileage officer recently moved and her mailing address on the Hike Attendance Record (sign-up sheet) has been updated. Sign up sheets should be mailed to the new address. Please destroy any old hike sign-up sheets that you may have on hand and print new ones from the forms page.

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