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Mileage Lookup view your current hikes and miles

Once you become a member, the Club keeps track of all the miles you hike on Club hikes. Every time you hike with us you are asked to sign a sign-up sheet to attest you understand the Club's liability release. Our Mileage Officer, whih help from others, enters the mileage from the sign-up sheets into a Mileage database on this website.

You now have the ability to view your current mileage. Click on Mileage Lookup to see the miles you have accumulated as well as a list of the hikes you have attended since October 1, which is the start of the Club year. Hike mileage is usually updated within a few days of a hike, however, sometimes it takes time to track down the hike sheets and enter the mileage so do not be alarmed if your most recent hikes do not appear. If you do not wish others to view your mileage and hikes, please advise Karen Zimmerman (317-691-8228; kzimm729@gmail.com) and your name will be blocked from view.

At the completion of the Club year on September 30, the Mileage officer produces the Trail Blazer report which recaps all members annual and lifetime mileage. This page includes links to the current and historical Trail Blazer reports. To view a report click on one of the links below. The reports are PDF files. See below if you have an issue viewing them.

Club patriarch, Bill Larrison, prepared the first Trail Blazer in 1968 following the Club's 10 year anniversary. Bill went on to produce the Trail Blazer for 43 years, all without the aid of a computer. Today we can assemble the report from the mileage database in a fraction of the time that it used to take Bill. Besides recapping member mileage, the Trail Blazers provide a historical record of Club activities for the year in question, including hikes, events and overnight trips. Starting with the 1968 Trail Blazer, reports are available for every ten years up through 2008 and then annually beginning in 2011. You can learn a lot about the history of our club by looking at the earlier reports.

2016 Trail Blazer Current
2015 Trail Blazer
2014 Trail Blazer
2013 Trail Blazer
2012 Trail Blazer
2011 Trail Blazer
2008 Trail Blazer
1998 Trail Blazer
1988 Trail Blazer
1978 Trail Blazer
1968 Trail Blazer - the very first Club history

To view PDF files, you will need a copy of Adobe Reader on your computer.
If you don't have Adobe Reader you can get it free at: Get Adobe Reader .