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Previous Logo Merchandise

Welcome to the Indianapolis Hiking Club Logo Merchandise Store managed by a third party vendor Colored Threads. From time to time the Club offers select logo merchandise for sale from our in-house store, but presently there are no inventory being offered for sale other than through Colored Threads.

About ten years ago the Club entered into a partnership with Colored Threads a local Indianapolis company to offer an online store from which you can purchase a variety of IHC logo merchandise. Colored Threads hosts similar online sites for other local businesses and clubs.

Choose the style, color and size you wish from an inventory of hats, shirts, jackets and tote bags embroidered on the front with our Club logo (man and women hiker). The store will guide you through the selection and purchase process. You can choose to pay online from a Paypal account (see below for how to set one up for free), in which case the merchandise will be shipped directly to you. Alternatively, and the process most people will probably choose, you can inquire about an item (option during the ordering process) and Colored Threads will send you an email asking you to phone them to provide a credit card number. In this instance you will be given the opportunity to pick up your merchandise at no charge at Colored Threads downtown location or have it shipped to you for a modest fee.

Expect a 7-10 day lead time from the time you place your order. Please note, that because each order is unique (i.e., your style, color and size) and imprinted with the Club logo, merchandise may not be returned unless it is defective. So double check your order (especially size), before you purchase.

Take a moment to browse the wide variety of merchandise available at our Logo Merchandise Store. If you see something you like, don't hesitate to purchase it. If you have any questions about using the site, don't hesitate to call Colored Threads at the number shown on the first screen.


If for any reason you have a question or concern about the online store site or the service you receive that Colored Threads cannot answer, please do not hesitate to contact Ed Wright (ewright@indyhike.org or 317-445-5646) who is coordinating the relationship. Similarly, if you don't see the merchandise you want, let Ed know and we will do our best to add it.


To purchase IHC merchandise online and have it shipped directly to you without the need for call backs you will need a personal PayPal account. Enrolling is easy and free. Go to the PayPal website and follow instructions to set up a personal account. Note as indicated in the instructions above, there is an alternative way to purchase IHC logo merchandise without requiring a Paypal account, however, this will require that Colored Threads phone you to take your credit card information and complete your order.